Professional Courses


….there is an old Chinese saying that states:

whoever practises Tai Chi Chuan in the correct manner, twice daily,

will over a period of time acquire the suppleness of a child,

the health of a woodcutter, and the serenity of a wiseman….


We have recently introduced and started teaching professional tai chi courses for existing health practitioners, to enable them to add tai chi exercises to their current repertoire. These courses are suitable for physiotherapists and other body-work specialists working in the area of healthcare. The course material taught is suitable for all ages of the population and fitness levels, and includes both standing and sitting versions. Our tutors will work with you to design a bespoke tai chi course tailored to your individual or business specific needs, or tailor one of our existing courses. It gives an informative insight into the developing world of tai chi and its potential, and increases your opportunities for personal and career development.  

Presently, we have an introductory foundation module focussing on the principles of tai chi movement, which is necessary to complete before any following modules which focus separately on: 

  • Balance
  • Breathing and posture
  • Cardiac and stroke rehabilitation
  • Stress and anxiety reduction

The courses run over a number of weeks, to allow students ample time to embed the tai chi within their minds and bodies, enabling a deeper understanding of tai chi which allows a proficient transfer of skills to clientele. All our workshops are designed to deepen your knowledge in a particular area and put your learning into practice. We aim to give you confidence in your ability, and to that extent we can also offer: 

  • Tutor and peer reviews
  • Tai chi manual with written instruction and explanations
  • Private Youtube video back up
  • Ongoing support with further tips
  • Extra tutorials and bolt-on modules

This is a great opportunity to train with some of the leading tai chi experts in the area. The Swan School of Tai Chi and Chi Gung is experienced in delivering specialist courses and one-off sessions within the education, commerce and medical arenas. The tutors are experienced practitioners, committed to providing high quality professional classes and seminars for the whole community; this enables them to design and deliver quality teaching sessions using varying educational techniques to successfully focus on individual or group requirements. Our instructors hold professional membership of the Chinese Internal Arts Association, the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, and instructor level membership of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. We are all qualified, certified and insured with over 40 years of tai chi experience between us.


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