Chinese Internal Arts Association Chinese Internal Arts Association 

Eva & Karel Koskubas' website

Egberth Thomas School in the Netherlands

Where Debbie first learned tai chi


Tai Chi Union For Great Britain
Yes! There's a tai chi union & we're all members of it!

British Council for Chinese Martial Arts

British Council for Chinese Martial Arts 
One of our governing bodies

The Gap Warwick

Debbie teaches here on a Thursday morning


Swan Holistics

Our 'other' website! Debbie and Paul are fully qualified and insured in holistic therapies including:

Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression and Future Life Progression, Hypnotherapy, Tarot Readings, Energy Management and Healing, Reiki and more.


Shakespeare's Sister's Soaps

Judith's fabulous natural soap making company. Artisan natural products that are delightful and highly addictive!