People who have attended our Chi Gung & Tai Chi classes have reported the additional following benefits from regular weekly practise.…

“I come to class feeling exhausted & leave feeling a combination of energised & relaxed”

“A bit of mid-week stress relief that helps me through the week”

‘’After half an hour into the class, I can see the hands on the clock on the opposite wall’’

‘’Since joining the class our Practise Nurse says that my breathing is better now than it was 2 years ago’’

“I have fewer headaches & my balance has improved”

‘’It helped with my breathing, which became deeper, & my posture, which became more upright & open, & my stamina.’’ – former ME sufferer

‘’First exercise I have ever enjoyed. Relaxing & calming & I’ve got my waist back!”

“If I don’t come I really miss it!”

“Absolutely wonderful – I can walk again & my back was better within 2 weeks!”

“Just feel so much healthier”

“Great for breathing problems & consequently has had positive impact on my fibromyalgia”

“After many years of high pressure work, it was a delight to experience Chi Kung as a ‘stress buster.’ Very good, especially when doing it outside”

“Wonderful for co-ordination & balance”

“More relaxed – helps with posture – has improved running technique”

“Very friendly class, definitely improved my circulation & suppleness”

“More relaxed, sleep better, feel more fitter & lost a bit of weight”

“Give yourself a weekly hour of Chi Gung & you give yourself a gift for the week”

“When I practise the exercises I feel peaceful & centred – like a moving meditation.”

“General fitness & strength has improved a hundred fold”

“For us elderly the exercises certainly keep us mobile (I’m 87)”

“Excellent method of exercise without strain which helps to keep the body supple & relieves arthritic pain.”

and finally....

“I feel more relaxed, at peace and at one with the world”